We invite you to join your neighbors, officers, board members for 1-1/2 hours on the third Tuesday of each month beginning October – April of every year!


Our organization has been servicing and helping all members of the beach condominiums from Boca Raton – Highland Beach since 1987.


Our meetings  openly discusses repairs, maintenance, security, landscaping, legal, accounting, insurance, beach erosion, storm protection, fees, salaries, vendor qualifications of all descriptions….and every pertinent subject under the sun which will help obviate any problems you encounter!


It’s a great way to personally receive input from many other associations who can guide you and offer first and candid experiences to save you MONEY and Frustrations!


Our meetings are open to all condominium offices, directors and managers who collectively participate in diverse discussions for the educational benefit for all! Our system of voluntary hosting meetings in different locations on the beach has been fair, successful and equitable to our membership!