Have you ever wondered how “others ” are getting it done, beating the deadline, and completing the project under budget? Of course you have, and it is common for all of us to “Discover” search new techniques, new methods and uncover the right service provider, contractor, and partner for our needs.

In our discovery training meetings we discuss and teach the do’s and don’ts of most common disciplines regarding condominium repairs, maintenance, security internally and externally to your buildings. We dig into landscaping to legal, accounting to insurance, and the constant solutions to beach erosion, disaster recovery from the hurricanes, storm protection. We discuss and share topics from vendor qualifications in every discipline to employee salaries and fees. When it comes down to growth, we all are interested in saving money and removing frustrations in managing our condominiums today!

Jim Whitney – Thought Process Leader Author

The Beach Condo Association meetings are offered every third Tuesday of every month, from October through April of every year. We strive to make our meetings accessible by zoom or in person based on the current pandemic and in keeping with proper safety precautions.