Originally from Tallahassee, Heather Rubin moved to Fort Lauderdale in her mid-twenties and got her start in Property Management. Now, with over ten years combined experience in both on-site and portfolio management, she has had the privilege to work with diverse accounts in Florida and New York that range from luxury homes to high-rises with portfolios that include HOAs, Condos, Co Ops, Rentals and Commercial properties. As a licensed community association manager, Heather oversees all operations including business management, capital improvements, and services of homes and buildings.  Throughout her experience she has established professional relationships and good rapport with boards, attorneys, engineers, contractors and other professionals by working together to achieve common goals.

Heather is well versed when it comes to project management. At her properties over the years, she has completed projects that vary from landscape design, parking lot and street resurfacing, elevator modifications, gas conversions, façade restorations, dock and seawall replacement, full roof replacements and more. Through these projects she has become well versed with setting clear goals, being dynamic and forecasting potential problems that could arise, as well as scheduling work and maintaining communication between contractors and residents.

Heather is a results driven professional who prides herself on her customer service, communication, and organization. She aims to please and believes that no matter the difficulty of a situation, it should be faced head on with patience, a positive attitude and a level of professionalism.